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Gibraltar Beaches

Gibraltar has six beaches in total. These can be split between those on the west of the rock and those on the east. The beaches on the Eastern side tend to be more sandy type beaches and the beaches on the Western side are rockier. Depending on your preference, it is of course not too far to get anywhere in Gibraltar so finding your favourite is no problem.The beaches in Gibraltar are Catalan Bay, Eastern Beach, Western Beach, Camp Bay, Little Bay and Sandy Bay.

Catalan Bay is located at the Eastern side of the Rock and used to be home to Genoese fishermen. It is still home to their descendants and has rows of pretty pastel painted rows quaint houses and is the second largest beach in Gibraltar. This is where you are likely to find locals as well as tourists and this is also the site of the annual Boxing Day swim led by the manager of the Caleta Hotel located at the top of Catalan Bay. There are some excellent seafood restaurants to be found here for those that like their seafood fresh! This is a favourite spot for locals to sail their colourful blue and red boats and is also a popular place for jet-skiing, para-sailing and for the hoi polloi to show off in their speedboats.

The beach at Eastern Bay is the largest beach in Gibraltar. It is one of the three sandy beaches and is just a stone's throw from Catalan Bay. Western Beach is one of the more popular beaches in Gibraltar and thus can get quite crowded on the many sunny days.It is also a popular spot for locals to swim and jet-ski.