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Why Visit Gibraltar

Gibraltar is an Overseas British Territory nestled at the southernmost tip of Spain, not far from Malaga, just a short hop across from Morocco in North Africa and a 2.5 hour flight from the UK. It is a beautifully scenic, coastal drive from Marbella to Gibraltar which takes less than 45 minutes and passes the picturesque, whitewashed seaside villages of Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Estepona, Sabinallas and Casares to name but a few.

When you holiday in Gibraltar, you’re not confined to one country or even one continent. You can drink sherry in nearby Jerez, visit the Alhambra in Granada, watch flamenco dancing in Seville, go windsurfing in Tarifa, bargain in the souks of Tangiers in magical Morocco or go that bit further and indulge in some piri-piri chicken whilst browsing for some Azulejos tiles in Portugal.

As you can see, Gibraltar truly enjoys an excellent geographical location and is extremely well positioned for a two or three centre break.

So back to Gibraltar. What does one do when there?

Well, for starters, you could take the Rock City Tour to familiarize yourselves with the country. Or you could take an aerial flight over the Rock of Gibraltar and the city if you’re really after those exclusive selfies. Then you could take the cable car up the Rock of Gibraltar to visit the most famous residents of Gibraltar, the Barbary Apes (legend has it that if the Apes were to ever leave Gibraltar, the country would cease to be British). Do not feed these little charmers though, they will distract you and then snatch any loose possessions from you in a jiffy.

Now, move on to the Upper Nature Reserve where you can visit St Michael’s Cave, a mesmerizing grotto of apparently bottomless, limestone caves and caverns 980ft above sea level with a spectacular display of stalactites and stalagmites which is simply breathtaking. It is thought that these caverns were the Gates to Hades or Hell, an entrance to the Underworld where the dead rested. This story was further given kudos when around 1840, two British officers got lost in the caves and simply vanished into thin air. Extensive explorations of the caves took place over a number of years but the two men were never recovered. It was believed that either the men had slipped through crevices in the caves through which they either slipped to their untimely demise or escaped via secret tunnels to North Africa or that they entered the gates of the Underworld. Strange and spooky!

Move on (not too quickly as you may slip on the soft, dewy moss) to visit the Great Siege Tunnels, the Moorish Castle, Military Heritage Centre, O’Hara’s Battery, 100 Ton Gun and the latest additions to Gibraltar’s many attractions, the Skywalk and the Windsor Suspension Bridge, both of which extend over a deep ridge where, if you dare, you may suspend yourselves over nothingness.

So let's get you moving. Here are some answers to common questions you may have about travelling abroad:

Watch the twinkling lights of the Moroccan city of Tangiers come to life as the sun sets over Europa Point. Gaze at the stunning six metre high, brass minaret atop the Ibrahim-Al-Ibrahim Mosque, a five-million pound gift from the late King Fahd Al-Saud of Saudia Arabia and then at the shining beam of light from the working lighthouse which guides sailors on their way.

Following a day of history coming to life, excitement and adventure, unwind with a cool refreshment at one of Gibraltar’s popular bars (none better than those available at Little Bay Bar & Restaurant) and follow with a delicious meal (your choice of British, Mediterranean, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese or Mexican) ending with a flutter at one of the two casinos in the entertainment hub that is Ocean Village.

That was your first day.

So in answer to our own question at the start of this blog, why visit Gibraltar….well, why ever not?!