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My Gibraltar are back in Gibraltar today, having arrived earlier on BA's flight from Heathrow. Arriving into Gibraltar pleased us with the speed at which one can leave the aircraft via the stairs, walk across the task to the airport, straight into Immigration and from there a mere few steps to the luggage carousel. Within 20 minutes we're out in Arrivals awaiting our 'Platinum Pick up service' - provided by our transfer partner - Blands Ltd.

In the time we're out of the airport and making our way back to the Rock Hotel for our first 4 nights, we stop at the traffic lights on the runway as outer flight has turned around and is ready to fly back to the UK.  

Fascinating Fact - for those unaware, The runway at Gibraltar airport cuts through a main road and pedestrian crossing; so when flights arrive / depart the barriers come down and everyone watches and waits the skilful landings and take offs.

The sun is shining and Gibraltar is bustling as ever.  We arrive at the Rock Hotel a mere 10 minutes later and after a swift check in we agree to meet at the Wisteria Bar & Lounge for pre dinner drinks later on.  

The Rock Hotel offers a selection of all sea facing rooms, no balcony, Juliet balcony, small to large balcony.  All rooms offer the usual facilities including a minibar that needs to be stocked upon request. A limited room service menu is available. The sun is setting and we've an amazing view of the nights red sky. So it's time to wander down to the Wisteria Bar for drinks.

Service is slow unfortunately through lack of staff being present to take orders. It's s pity as the bar is great with big cream leather and wood chairs which are extremely comfortable, one could easily spend a few hours here gazing out of the huge windows watching the gorgeous sunset.

We had a quick dinner out in the garden terrace of the Wisteria restaurant which was nice and then called it a night.


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