Tips to Visit Rosia Bay

Posted By  Webmaster , 05-Oct-15

We recently visited Gibraltar and were lucky enough to be taken around this gem of a place by Victor Hemmi who has been transporting our guests around Gibraltar and into Spain for years.

Victor took us over to Rosia Bay where lies a huge anchor from the infamous HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson’s flagship, cemented into the pavement thus ensuring this rich part of history never fades. 

For the story goes…..when the HMS Victory, had defeated the allied forces 22 ships, it was then during the height of the battle that Nelson was fatally wounded and in order to presume his body, he was laid in a very large rum casket during the journey to Gibraltar. 

The story is slightly ambiguous from here on as some say that most of his men weren’t informed of his body being preserved in such a manner and those visiting the decks below, would sneakily dip into the casket for a swig or two and tap the casket lid shut thereafter.  For those who have heard the saying ‘tapping the Admiral’ – well now you know where it stems from. 

From the Bay you can see straight into the sea and as you are surrounded by stories of battles bygone, you can almost envisage yourself there.

Make sure you ask for an excursion to be added on your next trip so you too, can experience a fascinating piece of history that makes Gibraltar so very exciting.


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