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Just Book Transfers

Let's just get this straight.

Gibraltar may be only be 6.8km in size and the airport may well be within spitting distance of the Spanish border but it most definitely is not walkable for the most part given its uneven terrain.

More so, when you have just got off a plane ride, laden with luggage and perhaps kids in tow and the sun’s out, it makes for a very sweaty and uncomfortable walk to your hotel not to mention navigating your way across the runway which is actually a road where the traffic stops as aircraft take off and land.

And please make note: there is no public transport operating from Gibraltar Airport. There is a taxi stand where you may find a solitary cab or two but certainly not enough for a plane load of disembarking passengers. There is also a bus stop outside the airport perimeter but you could find yourself waiting for up to an hour in the sun which is never a good start to any holiday.

Therefore, we always highly recommend you pre-book your airport transfers. Seriously, you'll thank us later for this small but crucial tip. There is a charge of £12.50 per person each way (£25 per person round trip) and includes drop off and pick up from your accommodation. Children under the age of 4 who do not require a seat travel free.

If you're on your own with little or no luggage and don't mind getting hot & bothered in the Gibraltar sun, then bring a good pair of comfortable shoes and get walking!

On the other hand, if you are arriving at Malaga International, you have four options:
i) Take a taxi
ii) Self-drive
iii) Pre-book a coach transfer
iv) Pre-book a private car transfer

A taxi from Malaga International Airport to the border (Spanish taxis are not permitted to cross over the border into Gibraltar) will set you back some E240-260 for up to three passengers. Journey time is around 1.45 hours. You will be dropped at the border where you will then have to walk through Customs & Immigration and then walk to your hotel.
Book Taxi
Book Taxi
There are several excellent options and we can arrange this depending upon your preferences for automatic or manual, economy, moderate or luxury and generally with air-conditioning and satellite navigation. After collecting your baggage, you would take the elevator to the basement and walk through to the car park where you will find all the car hire companies. If you have pre-booked with us, collecting your vehicle is a breeze. You may then choose to drive either along the motorway where you will need to pay E35 in toll charges (faster route) or the more scenic coastal road which has no tolls but many mini roundabouts.
We have two coach pick ups and drop offs at Malaga International. Coaches are permitted to cross the border and will drop/collect you directly from your Gibraltar Hotel. We also arrange group transfers.
Book Taxi
Book Taxi
If you let us know your flight timings, we can arrange a no hassle private car pick up and drop off for you at Malaga International.